Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Welcome to Lakeridge Swim Club
For club information information, go to     www.swimlsc.com

Step 1. Fill out and send in the Waitlist_Application  with your deposit to be added to the waitlist. Whether you want to join or rent, that's my way to keep in touch with you.

Update - Membership Full for 2017. 

What are the costs involved to join the pool? 
      There's a one-time joining fee of $500 and annual dues of $825, with some perks available in the form of work opportunities and guest passes. 
     When you purchase a membership, you receive 10 guest passes (a $60 value) as a thank you for joining.  Working 4-hour blocks at our spring work parties will earn you another 10!  

What's the likelihood that I'll get in any time soon?
      We've had a wait list for many of the past summers and usually we have about the same number of memberships open up as there are people on the wait list. In other words, almost everyone gets a membership for the summer, but often we don't know about the last group of people on the wait list until about opening day in May. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, get on the wait list)

What are the options for renting a membership?
     There are times when a member family is unable to use their membership for all or part of a summer and there may be options for rentals or sublets in those cases.

We are recommending that renters post their availability in the comments section of our rental info blog (that's where you are now) and contact members directly to let them know that you want to rent their membership for either a full or partial season.

There's a $150 transfer for rentals to be processed, which also places the incoming renter on our waitlist.
Contact us when renter & rentee come to agreement and we'll send you the appropriate forms.

Go to our Member Site for More information or email LakeridgeSwimClub@gmail.com

For swim team information, go to    www.swimlsc.org